by Marcela Kyngesburye

How would your life be different if you could use tools that are literally at the palm of your hands? What if they would allow you to live energized, with mental clarity, and feelings of love, joy and kindness? What would it take for you to stop the glorification of BUSY and choose to live with ease?

How many times have you heard these questions? How many times have you wondered if it is even possible? They may be REAL for others but why would they work YOU?

I wondered all of this until…

…while in deep toothache a friend of mine told me “sit down, relax and let me work on you…”. I couldn’t believe I sat still and let her do “energy work” on me. Knowing inside that every bit of my being was shouting “hurry up woman, can’t you see that I really need to go to the doctor!” It was an unbearable pain and I was sure they were going to have to extract my teeth!

We all know how painful this can be and I am telling you after less than an hour of receiving energy/pranic healing, the pain had gone, I was completely calm and ready to go to sleep. Which I did as soon as I got home. It must have been around 6 pm when I arrived and slept through the whole night.  Waking up to no pain, no nothing. The experience was as if I had had a surgery indeed, and yet with no knife, no secondary effects, free from pain! How did it get better?

This was the beginning of a huge eye-opening adventure. I was of course eager to know how this invisible world of energy worked. For me, energy had been present constantly, for I had studied chemical engineering. And yet, that sort of energy lived in such a different dimension, one of materialistic transformation. A veil had been removed and here I was in front of unexplored noticings that were so obvious and so new!

I started learning like an apprentice. I took all the Pranic Healing courses and many more. If we could turn back time, you would have seen me practicing on everything and everyone, like 24/7. Bringing a new awareness to the way I understood energy changed my world. Transitioning from a “schooled” scientific point of view to a “life around me” scientific point of view of the world gave me an unimaginable perception. I had started by studying the properties of elements and how they interacted through formulas feeling them completely separated from me or the world around us, even when knowing that those same compounds were the ones within us. Recognizing the energetic nature of objects, animals, situations and people around me was for sure the source of a new language, a new way to see life. My curiosity, observation, and experimentation brought new excitement, new comprehension, new vitality. Since then and in many ways, life has shown me that my purpose is around transformation.

I began sharing what I was learning as an intuitive health coach, facilitating healing, workshops, meditations and more. Sharing how we are conscious creators and how we can shape our future through our thoughts, emotions, health and wellbeing has been a unique journey. Being a witness of the confidence, clarity and strength it brings to people has been a gift!

Now I truly know that we all have the power to be agents of change and that Energy can be used at any level and for so many purposes. Imagine a board meeting in which everyone is at ease with their bodies, thoughts and emotions. How would that change the environment of it? The results of it?

Imagine kids at school learning to live with ease in their bodies, and how to recognize the power of their breathing. Working with energy opens up channels that allow communication between our head, hearts and hands.  What inventions might come out of their thoughts? How might their actions be different if they were informed by self-compassion and loving-kindness for others and all the worlds around them, including minerals, plants, and animals?

Imagine conscious consumers, how would that change the environment? Imagine cooperation instead of competition, how would that change the way communities relate to each other? Imagine a place where we could declutter and begin again. Imagine a world where YOU being your full authentic SELF with infinite possibilities will empower you to go through personal transformation and invite others to step into individual and social transformation!

I’m excited to share the tools I’ve learned, to work with others towards these larger goals. The time is now.

To get a taste of these energy tools and their potential, you are invited to join my colleague Linnette De La Texera and me, Marcela Kyngesburye, for the May CORE Circle of Transformational Practice, Thursday, May 9, 4pm-6pm, at Threshold, 2717 Atwood Ave.