CORE Circle of Transformational Practice

As of December 2020, we are taking time to reflect on the future of CORE Circle.  The future of our gatherings will be announced in early 2021.

CORE Circle of Transformational Practice strengthens community change-making by collectively creating and sharing a culture of reflection, participation, and relationship-building to more effectively address all levels needed for social transformation: hearts and minds, behaviors and practices, and systems and structures.

CORE Circle is a highly experiential gathering offering participants opportunities to learn, apply, and share practices that support personal and social transformation.

Each gathering has one or more CORE hosts who guide the process. The content is offered by grantees and other local practitioners who share a practice that is highly participatory and focused on evoking the wisdom of the participants.

CORE Circles go beyond just sharing the expertise of any one practitioner and honor the tradition of The Circle Way that believes in “a leader in every chair.”

Interested practitioners are supported in being able to comfortably co-host a CORE circle. For more information on our upcoming sessions, click here!