Update on CORE Circle Survey and April Circle Gathering

“The strength of the community that is formed at every gathering.”

“The philosophy and care of the organizers, the topics/practices, the support I feel for my professional/emotional life, the community, the feeling of learning/growth I experience afterwards.”

“The way I feel when I’m in CORE and after.  I feel at peace and always learn something from it.”

“The community, the commitment to just and compassionate ideals, the creativity.”

Above are some quotes from CORE community members who participated in the Circle survey we conducted in December, responding to questions about what draws them to Circle or what they value about Circle. Thank you to all who took the survey, we are grateful for the reflections you shared with us. The results indicate that we are a community that values the co-created space we share together.

While in March of this year we began meeting virtually due to the pandemic, it has continued to be an experiential gathering offering participants opportunities to connect with themselves and each other in creative and meaningful ways.
We also realize that CORE Circle is just one aspect of the landscape of gatherings available. Based on the feedback we received and the resources available, CORE will continue to offer Circles on an occasional basis, as opportunities arise that align with our purpose and the longings of our expanding community.
Here are the activities and qualities we’ll continue to offer with CORE Circle:
  • Building community around the intersection of inner healing and outer / systems transformation.
  • Connecting CORE’s partners (such as UNIDOS, GSAFE, Natural Circles of Support, Urban Triage) with other members of the CORE community, when this type of sharing is supportive of the partners’ work.
  • Experiential format (rather than presentations or lectures).
  • Supportive leadership opportunities for facilitators.
  • Gathering of open minds and hearts for listening and sharing.
In addition to the Circle gatherings, CORE’s main focus will continue to be:
  • providing funding, accompaniment, coaching, and other technical assistance to primarily BIPOC-led social justice organizations,
  • providing funding to individuals to participate in specific trainings that support healing for participants and their communities.
We are grateful to all of you. Even when we are not present and practicing together, we sense our compassionate, committed, and courageous community.

First CORE Circle of 2021: April 23

CORE Circle: SAVE the DATE

Friday, April 23
12:00pm – 1:30pm

with Marcela Kyngesburye

and Fanya Valencia

While much about these times are extremely challenging to the very wellbeing of our communities, we are the descendants of people who have survived times like this. What can we do now, in this moment?