March 20, 2020 VIRTUAL Circle Invitation – Connect via Zoom

CORE Circle: Listening & Connecting in times of disruption

with Marcela Kyngesburye and Julie Swanson


PLEASE TAKE NOTE! This gathering will be taking place via ZOOM at the scheduled time of 9:30-11:30am this Friday. Continue reading for instructions on how to access the meeting. Please reach out to julie@corechange or megan@corechange if you have questions or concerns!



So much is changing, by the hour, that connections and community can seem elusive. In these times of uncertainty, how are we listening to ourselves and each other?  How can we honor old and new connections? How do we deepen community, with those we know and those we don’t?  What can we do to grow our resiliency? Please join us for virtual Circle practice to reflect, connect, and to ground ourselves as we live within uncertainty. 


Join the CORE Circle on March 20th via Zoom. 

Everyone is welcome!

Use this link to join:


If you are new to Zoom, see below for more detailed information and join at 9:30am. 

If you’re experienced with Zoom, join by 9:40am as we ring the bell to begin Circle practice. 


How to join Zoom: 

You will be be able to join using any of the following options:

laptop or desktop computer with camera (recommended), laptop/desktop without camera, or smartphone.

Click on the provided link at 9:30am:

The internet browser will automatically open. Select the option applicable to your situation (depending on whether you have used the tool before on your device, you may have to download a small file).

If you have previously used the Zoom tool/app, the prompt to open it may show up automatically when the browser opens up.

Once you are into Zoom there are a couple of screens you may need to go through to fully connect. The first one may prompt you to enter your name, the second one will ask you to join audio. 

Once into the meeting, you can enable the video, if you have a camera on your device. We’ll provide additional guidance for muting your mic, etc. 


Please join by 9:30am if you are new to Zoom! 

Friday, March 20, from 9:30am-11:30am
Connect via Zoom: