April 16, 2020 VIRTUAL Circle Invitation – Connect via Zoom

CORE Circle: The Power of Good Questions

with Lisa Dugdale


In this time of upheaval, what questions are most helpful to be asking of ourselves and others? We’ll discuss the power of questions that can help us cope, grieve, re-frame, and re-imagine. Together we’ll reflect on questions we have each found useful and supportive in these times.  This Circle will be led by Lisa Dugdale, who serves as the Executive Director of the Center for Community Stewardship, as well as a facilitator and coach.  Join Lisa and guest contributors for this discussion.


While many people have had some experience with Zoom in the past month,

if you are new to Zoom or if you would like any support with understanding the controls, see below for more detailed information and join at 3pm. 
If you’re experienced with Zoom, join by 3:10pm as we ring the bell to begin Circle practice.
While we hope all can join with video, if you need to join by phone, please email us at connect [@] corechange.us to request a call in number and meeting code and plan on joining at 3pm.  

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Thursday, April 16, from 3:00pm-5:00pm
Connect via Zoom – For privacy reasons, please email us at connect(@)core change.us to request the Zoom link