CORE Circle Survey December 2020

As of 2020-12-31, this survey is now closed. Thank you for your interest and support!

CORE has been calling Circle gatherings of a variety of types for more than ten years. Since January 2017 it has been in the form of the CORE Circle of Transformational Practice (CORE Circle). This practice of coming together in Circle has been an opportunity to hold brave space together, to listen deeply to ourselves and others, and to collectively learn and share practices that support personal and social transformation.

While in March of this year we began meeting virtually due to the pandemic, it has continued to be an experiential gathering offering participants opportunities to connect with themselves and each other in creative and meaningful ways.
CORE has offered Circle in support of our broader mission: Through funding and relationships we support and deepen core practices for social transformation to heal individuals, communities and the world. CORE Circle has been just one way we work to fulfill this mission. In addition, we provide funding, accompaniment, coaching, and other technical assistance to primarily BIPOC-led social justice organizations as well as to individuals to participate in specific trainings, all of whom are working to heal themselves and their communities.

CORE Circle is on pause indefinitely for now, as we experiment with being open and present to what is needed in our community. We’d appreciate hearing from you, via this survey, what you are seeking/longing for at this time. Please click the button below to link to the survey. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes. We are accepting responses through December 31, 2020. Thank you!!